Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

This is just a short post because Im just going to inform that I'm may be not doing following back at this time bcause I was so busy to handle just too many things regarding the university.

So, mianhae. This may be my last post before I'm turning to student AGAIN --"
So, mungkin tak banyak masa untuk online untuk menulis blog bagai kan.
Well, act hari kebelakangan ni banyak masa habiskan menonton video video 2ne1 and big bang di utube sebab nanti masuk U tak sempat huhuuuu so tak tahu bila nak habis fangirling ni.

But act I had found my true bias group I think hahahha okeyyy nak kata dah tinggalkan exotics, kind like that laaa huuuuu because Im turn into BLACKJACKS now sorry sorrry but I still enjoying EXO. No Im not leaving the exotics but it just turn upside down since Kris gone. Well you know what I mean I just not being a loyal fans yesss agreed but about Kris' case I just tooo upset for the members. hmmmmmm :)

Oh ye act post ni jugak heee nak menyatakan that I'm joining BLACKJACKS now huuu its my luck to found this team that i guess my first female band that really make my fangirling most rising up than exo i think hahhaaa. So sorry I still love Exo but this 2NE1 just make my fingers searching for all of their live performance and everythings about them in youtube. And big bang too huuu big bang is just tooooo FLAWLESS opssss. And I guess some of you had watched FANTASTIC BABY in MAMA 2013 ohhh myyy its just toooooooooooo POWERFUL BOMBASTIC PERFORMANCE EVER.

Ohh okeyy I better stop my fangirling now hahhaaa its just too far from the title. Eh before that I had found my ideal type. hahhahahha its Taeyang. I just cant understand why my heart beat so fast watching his HOT performance like crazy hmmmm :3

Ohh okayyy I had being toooo fangirling now.

Back to the topic: Well, do pray for my life as a student again.
I will make my family proud of me and Im gonna study hard AGAIN :')
Yes I will try to just focussed on my study and put aside all of the "stupid"  things that I had going through before. well i guess "you" know.
And really tolong doakan saya kuat di sana dengan kawan kawan yang superb belake hmmmmm :'(
I will try harder. Tolong support hmmmmm :)

Okey, im done but at last. This is so sad after Im watching this. *(fangirling again) sorry


you know that feeling that you really want to befriend with them?
Tell them that they are NOT UGLY they just tooo gojes and flawless that u cant even explain.
They are the best idol with their full determination huhhhh and i just dont know why so many fans are bashing them for their rock image ohh they just tooooo beautiful and talented wooh.
YG Family never failed to make us believe that their idol is worth to be admiring, right?

heee kbyeee

till then, Assalamualaikum.

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