Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I took a very long time for this entry . Hmm , I don't know how to start but please let the pictures speak everything I feel inside :)

May ALLAH grant us paradise.

People surely easy for change but the real thing that was EXTREMELY hard is continuosly change or can be  known as ISTIQAMAH . Trying is the best and still good effort return the great success for ourselves. Be sure for everything we do and never turning back . 
Take the chance for good. Use the turning point that surely He gave for us. May ALLAH bless .

p/s:To all team PMR2012, no matter what you're going through tomorrow, be sure His plans is always the BEST . Goodluck and please let your heart keep calm. Don't hope too much but just pray so much. Accept all the fate and please be more and more and more grateful :D 

*My english was so so so mess. So please take yourself away from my wrong grammar. 

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